Arthritis Wonder

What is Arthritis Wonder?

Arthritis Wonder is a topical application pain relieving cream, and this is the first product we’ve come across that is using wogonin!!

We are very excited to see this botanical compound in use.  AND in an ARTHRITIS topical application cream!  It is an over-the-counter (OTC) drug so you know it will be a great product.  According to their website,, it appears to be having great results.

Here is a review from their site…

‘I have been using the Arthritis Wonder Cream now for 2 weeks – and I LOVE IT! I have stopped taking my anti-inflammatory pills and have been using the cream on my joints for the osteoarthritis I suffer from. I have been able to apply it one time every 2-3 days and have experienced no pain in my joints. I’m so excited.  This cream has been life changing for me, someone who lives in a cold climate during the winter time; the pain has been drastically reduced to the point that I can actually go for a walk outside and not fear the aches and pain that would come after. I’m able to do more with my family and friends.’ – Karyl H.

This product comes out in May.  If it works half as good as the reviews say it does this product could be a game-changer.

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